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Events Victoria is a centralised database to collect, store and distribute event listings for tourism, community and business events occurring in the state of Victoria. An event listing is self-authored – anyone can create a listing for their event.

Be found in more places.

Enter your event details once and your event listing will appear on many websites including Regional Tourism sites, accommodation providers, Local Government and attractions.

All event listings created on must meet National ATDW Content Standards. When creating a listing please follow these guidelines

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Eligible Events:

Events Victoria collects and distributes event listings for tourism, community and business events occurring in the state of Victoria.

Events Victoria does not publish events that may be perceived as favouring one side of a political issue, organisation or

person. These events could be protests, rallies or marches.

Further, a Leisure/Tourism event listing receives the extra benefit of being displayed on approximately 50 websites through the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse network (ATDW)

Note: Business and Community events are only displayed through the network.

If you have any questions about these guidelines or your listing, please contact the Support Desk on 1300 306 366 or



Creating an event listing

Creating an event listing is easy and fast. Enter your event details on one screen and be finished in just a few minutes.

Event Description:

1. Use the example description as a guide.

2. The description should focus on the Event.

3. Use the event name in the first paragraph.

4. One idea per paragraph – space out your text.

5. No abbreviations or acronyms.

6. Use capitals for names only, such as Victoria or Bath Street, not for entire words like “FREE”

7. No special characters: @ # % * ( ) _ + >< … or any copyright, trademark or registered character.

8. Write in the Third Person. Do not use: I, me, my, we, our or us.

9. If available, include information about event time or entry cost. 10. Do not include venue address, dates, phone, website or email details in the description. These should go into their own fields.


Event Image:

1. Load images in their original format – the bigger the better. Images are automatically resized so don’t worry about adjusting them yourself.

2. Landscape format are best

3. No text/ writing over the photo

4. No collages (more than one photo merged into the one file)

5. No banners, logos, posters or flyers

6. No white background

7. Images must be in focus

8. Images must have good lighting

9. Images must have no copyright restrictions

ATDW-Online Photo Tutorial

Download Resources

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Download: Fact Sheet – how to create an ATDW listing