Growth Mindset in Uncertain Times 2024 Conference


Growth Mindset in Uncertain Times

Hi all,

Have you got your tickets yet for our Annual Conference? It’s on June 25th, at Macedon Ranges Hotel & Spa…just outside Woodend, near the Calder Fwy turnoff on Black Forest Drive.

We have a great line up. One speaker I’m particularly excited about is Dan Monheit. Here’s a spiel about Dan…it might sound a bit high level and esoteric, but my mate Chuck at Visit Victoria said he’s amazing and I saw one of his presentations on YouTube and thought ‘we have to get this guy to our region’.

Here’s a taste of what he’ll bring….


Terrible Advice for Excellent Marketers

So much of what we’re taught about business growth makes complete sense, provided our audiences are perfectly rational human beings. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. In truth, humans are a surprisingly irrational species, subconsciously driven by emotions and blindsided by cognitive biases. Yet businesses often base their growth strategies on the o pposite assumptions and then wonder why their approach doesn’t always land.

In this action-packed presentation, Hardhat CEO and Behavioural Science Expert Dan Monheit uses core concepts from Behavioural Science to explain why following logical, well-intentioned advice, can lead to flat outcomes for businesses. Drawing on research from Nobel Laureates, Monheit will provide a short introduction to Behavioural Science, before debunking a range of ‘terrible advice’ with the help of peer-reviewed research studies, real world examples and actionable takeaways. This presentation will give you a new mindset while leaving you feeling energised.

We’ll showcase more of our great presenters as we draw nearer the event.

You can get your tickets here.