July 17, 2020

//July 17, 2020

Hi all,

I hope you’re holding up OK.

If you feel like a laugh, check this out. I was a huge fan of the program Blackadder and thought it might give you a smile. Some jokes age better than others. I don’t recommend printing it out and sticking on your window, but there are useful resources you can print and use further down the email.

There’s also info on the Victorian Country Markets website (a must for producers), words of wisdom on how to manage refusal of service (hopefully most people are doing the right thing anyway…), a grant for campgrounds/caravan pars on Crown Land, webinars coming up, a bit on our new website…and more.

Victoria Country Markets website

We have shared this before, but a reminder about this great site, built to help regional vendors and producers to distribute their wares, and for the public to continue supporting the farmers, growers, makers and traders during this difficult time. This is not intended to replace any of your current e-commerce ventures or existing markets/networks, but rather to enhance and extend them – just like a regular farmers market, trade show or field day would.

The market is free to join for the first year of operation and includes free (Government-subsidised) delivery within Victoria until the end of August. To book your free stall and be a part of this site, simply fill out the form below and follow the information provided. We know that quite a few of you are already on the site, but for those not yet on it, and need help, please reach out via the contact info below.

Here is a link to the VCM so you can wander through the stalls

To be a part of the market complete this form

Have a question? Check out the FAQ page

Need to know more? Click Here

New(ish) DMT visitor site

You’re probably across the fact that we have been working hard on our new and exciting Daylesford Macedon Life website – daylesfordmacedonlife.com.au.

We are continuing to consolidate all our content into one web location. It’s a huge task, so please bear with us as we redirect traffic to our new website. You may have noticed that our recent Facebook posts are encouraging click-throughs to articles on our website about the region, allowing tourists to explore the many stories and business listings already on the site. If you’re a DMT partner and haven’t submitted your profile, please make sure you do so here as soon as possible to optimise any traffic actively looking for regional experiences. If you’d like a listing, please contact Annissa at annissa@dmrtoursim.com.au for details.

Daylesford Macedon Life is a robust website providing visitors up to date information on regional events, markets, chef’s recipes, business profiles and useful resources on how to get here and what to do while here. It will be the ‘go-to’ tourism website for the region. Andrea Pribaz has done a wonderful job bringing together a business directory and regional publication all in one that I’m sure you’d be proud to share through your businesses.

Visitor Guide and Magazine

While some of our cooperative marketing opportunities have been pushed out due to uncertain times, the annual 2020 Visitor Guide is something we strongly believe needs to go ahead. This quality A5 guide provides motivation and inspiration, and is an essential tool for visitors, encouraging them to explore, discover and experience all the region has to offer. If you’d like your business listed in this highly sort after guide, you’ll need to have your orders placed and images sent by 3rd August 2020. Please contact annissa@dmrtourism.com.au for all enquiries and pricing.

The Daylesford Macedon Life magazine will go ahead, but we have pushed it out by a month as there is too much uncertainty around for many businesses. Frankly, without enough advertising support, we can’t afford to produce the magazine. It’s now planned for September, when, hopefully, restrictions have sufficiently eased. All going well, this will be perfectly timed to catch the ‘second bounce’ in visitation.

We’ll keep you updated.

Business Victoria collateral and advice

The Business Victoria website is a very handy place to go if you’re looking for advice, collateral, training, grant opportunities and many other things. Here are some of the more pertinent bits for those in hospitality:

A short, free online training on ‘Operating a hospitality business in a COVID-19 environment’ module is available here. One you or one of your staff members has completed the training, you can print this poster out and display it in your venue.

There are also Hospitality Guidelines downloadable patron contact logs, business checklists, and more. Go here to have a browse.

Also, some of you have raised the issue of the challenge of refusal of service. Hospitality venues (and other businesses) are understandably finding the refusal of service requirement challenging. To assist these businesses, our friends in the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions have, in conjunction with DHHS, have prepared a poster which can be displayed at the entrance of a venue and will hopefully reduce the confronting face-to-face service refusals.

The site has lots of other posters and resources worth checking out as well as handy resources such as Fact sheets on preventing infection in the workplace.

Speaking of Refusal of Service, some FAQs

“What do I need to do to confirm that a patron is not from a restricted area?”

Tourism operators are required to make reasonable endeavours to confirm that their principal place of residence is not in a restricted area before providing service to the member of the public. If the business operator learns that the member of the public is from a restricted area, they must refuse service.

Some examples of businesses taking reasonable endeavours include:

  • Asking customers to confirm their principal place of residence is not in a restricted area by ticking a box on the form where contact details are collected.
  • Displaying signage to reinforce that service is only available for patrons not from a restricted area
  • Asking individuals to confirm that their place of residence is not in a restricted area at the time of booking.

Retail stores and shopping centres are not required to refuse entry or service to patrons who are from restricted areas. However, accommodation providers, attractions and restaurants & cafes are subject to this requirement.

“Can businesses be fined for unintentionally providing service to someone who lives in a restricted area?”

No. Business owners will not be fined for unintentionally serving someone who is from a restricted area. In this scenario, the penalty would be applied to the customer.

It is up to individuals living in restricted areas to follow the Stay at Home Directions.

Campground and Caravan Park funding Grant

The State Government has announced a grant of up to $200K for campgrounds and caravan parks situated on crown land. The eligible activity includes improvements to or development of the following assets:

• upgrades to existing power networks to increase the number of powered sites

• increase the number of unpowered sites

• Aboriginal signage highlighting the history of the area

• amenities blocks, including the provision of all-abilities access

• new, modern amenities blocks

• new fire hoses and replacement of existing fire hoses

• new electronic BBQ facilities, picnic tables and shelters

• new playground equipment

• all-ability access to a waterfront pontoon

• camp kitchen upgrades

• existing onsite sewerage and water systems to increase visitor capacity

• revegetation and landscaping

If you think you might be eligible, go here.

Hepburn Shire Council Webinars – Event Management

Hepburn Shire Council is offering a further series of workshops via Zoom, after the success of the last series. Each of the webinars will run for 2 hours and will assist event operators with their current event practices. The topics include:

Session 1: Risk Management including contingency planning (Monday 3 August 2020)

Session 2: Event Governance (Monday 24 August 2020)

Session 3: Strategic Event Marketing (Monday 31 August 2020)

Session 4: Post Event Review (Monday 7 September 2020)

Each workshop will run from 10.00am – 12.00pm, they are free of charge and only available to event organisers, committees or venue operators who deliver events in the Hepburn Shire.

The training will be delivered by Linda Tillman, who is founder of the online event management training program for regional events rEVENTS Academy™. She is also Managing Director of regional tourism and event consultancy Tilma Group. Linda has 15 years of extensive and holistic experience across tourism and events with a clear understanding of regional communities.

Attend all 4 workshops or if you aren’t able to maybe just attend 1 or 2.

Book your place via email to: events@hepburn.vic.gov.au

Extension of JKA

Last week, the extension of the JobKeeper Program until 28 March 2021 was announced, targeting support to those businesses that continue to be significantly impacted by Coronavirus restrictions.

This package has been of enormous help to tourism, hospitality and events businesses, and its extension will give many of you some security to plan and manage resources moving forward.

Find more information here and info on the Coronavirus supplement here.

Accommodation refunds

We’ve communicated a fair bit on this, but have had a few recent queries from accommodation providers regarding cancellations and refunds. This has probably been resolved in most cases, but just in case, here are some pointers to help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities in terms of lockdown-related booking cancellations based on advice from Consumer Affairs Victoria:

Residents in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire have returned to Stage 3 ‘Stay at Home’ restrictions to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Victoria.

This means that residents in these areas, as well as some interstate visitors prevented from travelling to Victoria, will have to cancel bookings with accommodation providers in regional Victoria, as travelling would not comply with the current restrictions.

The latest Victorian Government imposed restrictions may trigger a ‘frustrated contract’ under the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012. This means it is impossible to perform or carry out a contract due to events beyond all parties’ control and the customer would be entitled to a refund of any payments already made.

If the customer has not requested a refund and is amenable to negotiating, you may be able to agree to alternative arrangements with them – for example, holding the deposit over to a future date.

Further advice is available at Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Accommodation businesses impacted may be eligible to make a claim to reimburse for refunds made under the Regional Tourism Accommodation Support Program.

To be eligible for this new program, accommodation providers must refund customers 100 per cent of any payment made towards the booking amount. Further advice is available at Business Victoria.

Thanks for reading.

As always, we are here if you need us. In fact, you’re a big reason why we even exist, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Steve and the DMT team

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