Hi all,

Trust you’re all well and have had a good few weeks of business. It’s certainly been very busy in the region, and with that has come some interesting stories in the media.  I’m confident that businesses are doing the right thing and Councils and emergency services have reacted appropriately.  We’re just getting an extraordinary number of visitors…a bit of a double-edged sword at the moment.  Also, as you’re aware, we are in a position where some suburbs have again gone into stage 3 restrictions. 
What does this mean for you?
Business Victoria advise that accommodation providers CAN NOT accept bookings from leisure travellers from Hot zone suburbs.  You are also unable to honour existing bookings from leisure travellers from hot zone suburbs, effective immediately.  Fines apply for businesses found to be accommodating leisure travellers from hot zone suburbs. Please check all your bookings against the suburbs listed and make the necessary arrangements. It is also required that accommodation providers record the name and contact number of ALL guests staying, not just the booker.  

While the rules are not clear at the moment we would also suggest you record the home postcode of your guests to cover your business. It would also further inflame media if it was found that businesses were taking bookings from the restricted suburbs…not what we need right now. Here is a list of the affected suburbs.  Given that they’re in lockdown, one would hope there are not too many people falling into this category but you can’t assume people will do the right thing.
The GOOD NEWS is that there is a financial support program available for regional accommodation businesses that have been impacted by the current tightening of restrictions. For details, please go here.
Please call me any time if you need further advice.
Steve and the DMT Team