March 17, 2020

//March 17, 2020

Dear all,
Following on from my email on the weekend, here is some updated advice, resources and a short DMT survey to assess regional sentiment and get your feedback. If you have time, please fill it in. It will not take long. 
As mass gatherings are banned, and social distancing is encouraged, the mobility of people will be impacted, affecting some tourism businesses. Things are changing by the hour, and various levels of government are doing their best to react with policies and fiscal measures. We will continue to provide you with the most relevant and useful links. 
From a marketing point of view, we are very much ‘open for business’. We are modifying our messaging slightly and focusing on pushing the region’s brand attributes, particularly open spaces, natural assets and wellbeing without a strong call to action. Given the uncertainty, it seems logical to us that we remain active but mindful of the possibility of increased mobility restrictions. 
But it’s not just about promoting the region. We are here to promote you. If you have any key messages, offers or product you want to be pushed, you can let us know via the survey or email us directly. People are coming to the region, and they want to stay, eat and play. Uncertainty can make people default to a ‘do nothing’ position. We won’t do that, and we’re going to do our best to ensure the travelling public doesn’t either. We are, of course, working hand in glove with Visit Victoria, ensuring that our region is front and centre in their promotional activity.  
As always, feel free to get in touch with us directly. My number is 0419 574 813, and email is
DMT survey
We have pasted a number of useful resources below, but first, I’ll ask you to complete this short survey we put together, assessing the state of our region’s tourism industry and seeking your feedback. It will take less than ten minutes, and you can find it here
Resources for you
Yesterday, Liz Ward from Tourism Tribe sent out an email with a link to a report that offers ‘six proactive strategies for tourism businesses’ in the current climate. It is worth a read, and you can download a copy here. You have to ‘check out’ to obtain it, but it’s free.
The Health Department has provided COVID-19 information for hotels and hotel staff here.
Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Industry has an excellent page here, which talks about managing the workforce in tough times, the Federal Govt’s stimulus package and what it means, business resources, and more.
Further tourism industry business and financial support can be found here.  
We’ve been following Time Out (now calling themselves Time In). This is a good article.
Finally, I encourage you to speak with your accountant regarding the various financial relief opportunities that are available to small businesses.
Hang in there. We are in this together.
Steve and the DMT team

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