May 11, 2020

//May 11, 2020
Hi all,
In this edition, we have a few webinars (yeah we’re sick of them too, but these are good ones) that mightinterest you..  There are marketing opportunities, grants, and more.
So, ScoMo wants the economy to reopen quickly, but Daniel Andrews is more cautious.  While I want visitors to come back and businesses to reopen, and today’s announcement is a step in the right direction, it does not quite open the region for tourism.  I’ll keep in touch with VTIC to unpack the ‘rules’ and update you all shortly.
Regardless, it is time to ready ourselves for the continued wind-back of restrictions.  It is time to get tactical, so send us your offers (below).  There is also a link below on return to work protocols, aimed at the accommodation and hospitality (and retail) industries.
Plenty more below.  Read on….
Covid safe work guidelines
For info on WHS responsibilities for hospitality and accommodation businesses, looking at a range of issues such as hygiene, cleaning (etc) protocols, this is a useful resource.  It has a link through to retail too.
Send us your offers!
With the imminent lift in restrictions – whatever form these take and how they roll out – it’s time to get tactical!  I love a nice brand campaign as much as the next man, but soon enough it’ll be ‘bums on seats time’.  So, to get ready, we’re asking for offers to promote. 
My advice: try to avoid discounting and try to ‘value add’.  Three nights/courses for the price of two.  Free bottle of wine.  Whatever.  Discounting is dangerous territory in my experience but can work as a short term thing to get your volume up.  If you’re keen – there is no cost – please fill in the simple form here with your offer and validity.
Facebook’s Small Business Grants
Mr Zuckerberg and Co. are offering US$100m in cash grants and ad credits to small businesses. You can register interest here.  Australia is included in the list of 30 countries that are eligible for these grants.  It also has a business support hub that is worth a look. 
Tourism Australia’s Tourism Support resource page…
Well worth a look, TA has created a handy page for tourism businesses, that outlines all the various support opportunities.  This includes Federal and State packages, webinars and FAQs.
…and marketing opportunities from Tourism Australia
 TA’s ‘With Love from Aus’ campaign, launched just after the fires has pivoted to ‘Live from Aus’ as they roll out a series of inspirational virtual travel experiences.  They have created a platform which enables Australian travellers to connect with you, to make the most of the opportunity.
So, if you have an event that can be live-streamed (think cooking classes, virtual tours, sunrises, walks…anything that people would like to join virtually), here’s what you do:
Sign up to the Facebook group here and share it with your networks using #SeeAustralia.

Then, stream your events on your social media channels using the ‘Live from Aus’ logo, which you can download the logo from 16 May 2020. Contact the team at TA about your streaming events your business has coming up by emailing with ‘Live from Aus’ in the subject line. If TA likes it enough, they’ll promote it! 
Hepburn Shire Council Event Webinar Training 2020
Hepburn Council is delivering virtual training over a series of 4 workshops via Zoom. Each of the webinars will run for 2 hours and will address how event committees can resolve the key challenges that regional events are facing, with a focus on:
Session 1: Event re-invigoration and strategic planning (Wednesday 27th May 2020)
Session 2: Creating an event experience (Wednesday 3rd June 2020)
Session 3: Establishing a quality event team (Wednesday 10th June 2020)
Session 4: Event Finances – sponsorship and grants (Wednesday 17th June 2020)
Each workshop will run from 11.30am – 1.30pm, they are free of charge and only available to event organisers, committees or venue operators who deliver events in the Hepburn Shire.
The training will be delivered by Linda Tillman, who is founder of the online event management training program for regional events rEVENTS Academy™. She is also Managing Director of regional tourism and event consultancy Tilma Group. Linda has 15 years of extensive and holistic experience across tourism and events with a clear understanding of regional communities.
Attend all 4 workshops, or if you aren’t able to, maybe just attend 1 or 2.  Book your place by emailing Bridgette O’Brien at
Calling all musicians and artists
Our friends in state government are keen to reactivate the live music scene...virtually.  One of the immediate things they’re doing is posting regional artists’ recorded content on the Recharge Vic and Together Victoria websites.  This is in preparation for the Recharge Festival which features many household names. 
Get involved by visiting the following form and they can make contact with discuss profiling your work on the site. 
Cheers all, look after yourselves and each other.
Steve & the DMT Team
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