May 18, 2020

//May 18, 2020
Hi all,
I daresay you were as taken aback as me by the influx of visitors to our region this weekend. It is great to see that people are eager to visit our region and spending their money with our tourism businesses. We are, however, mindful that some members of our community feel vulnerable to a surge in COVID-19 cases.
When restrictions ease further, indicating that the government is confident that the risk/reward balance is acceptable, we will move into a strong tactical marketing phase.  Tourism injects a huge amount of money into our economy and helps sustain an enviable lifestyle so’ turning it back on is critical’.  More on this below.
Yesterday, Dan Andrews made a very positive announcement for the hospitality industry.  From June 1st, cafes, pubs, and restaurants will be able to take up to 20 patrons. This means seated patrons; people can’t prop up the bar just yet.  This decision was based on the low number of cases resulting from the testing blitz.  Assuming things stay on track in terms of new cases, this will expand to 50 patrons from 22 June and from mid-July, 100 patrons will be allowed to eat and drink within venues.  More information and some useful resources are available here and here.
If you are planning to reopen, there is a handy little tool on how to do this safely here and a safe workplace principles guide here.  Please keep us in the loop if you’re heading down this path. Tag us on our social accounts, or email through your plans.  We are getting media enquiries for businesses to feature and we’d love to share your good news through our socials and EDMs.
At this stage, there is no new news about when people can spend the night here.  Given the fairly rapid unwinding of restrictions on intrastate travel, I imagine that this is not too far away; probably a couple of weeks is my guess.  At this time, we will start pushing out proactive marketing messages.  If you have an offer you’d like promoted, please fill in the form here.  As I said last time, I’m not a fan of discounts, but I am a fan of a value adding…even if it’s a free bottle of wine.
And, while DMT has huge marketing reach and the support of Visit Victoria’s marketing grunt, please consider starting to work your databases and followers with your own marketing efforts.  No-deposit bookings for June onwards should be considered.
It is also worth checking out  Producers, artists, makers, bakers…if you’re in this space have a look.  It’s easy and will help open up a new distribution channel…some of you signed up yesterday and are already getting orders.
VTIC, who have been excellent during this crisis (and they’re offering free membership and you’d be mad not to take them up on it), has conducted some industry sentiment surveys. Generally, optimism amongst operators is rising but I’ll share the detail in the next email when I have access to the detail. Sentiment in the ‘visitor’ segment has also increased markedly, with a large increase in the % of people saying they intend to travel intrastate in the next few months. Again, more on this in a few days.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  We’ll continue to communicate regularly, as things are going to change a fair bit in the next couple of weeks with respect to intrastate tourism.  Things are definitely looking up for tourism businesses.  I’m on 0419 574 813 or
Steve and the DMT Team
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