Media Mentions

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Here is a list of recent media appearances for the region.

Publication Date Media Publication (click to view) Type(s) Theme(s) Operator(s) Village(s)
11/11/2019 The Age – Good Weekend Magazine Online Food and Wine, Nature and Wildlife, Outdoor Activities Acre of Roses, Animus Distillery, Annie Smithers, Atelier Chocolat, Cliffy's Emporium, Daylesford Cider Company, Du Fermier, Honest Eggs Co, Macedon Flower Trail, Midnight Starling, Millisons, Musk Lane Wines, RedBerd Bakery, Source Dining, Spring Hill Peony Farm, Trentham Falls Castlemaine, Daylesford, Glenlyon, Kyneton, Lyonville, Macedon, Mount Macedon, Musk, Trentham, Tylden