Code of Conduct

Created October 2023

As an entity that receives revenue from Local and State Government, as well as our valued tourism operators, partners and various peak bodies, Daylesford Macedon Tourism has developed a two-way code of conduct.

This document is not only designed to hold us accountable to those who fund and support us, but  also provides minimum standards for all our partners in their dealings with us

We believe that we act with respect, integrity, honesty, within the law and societal norms, and above all, strive to ensure that our tourism region is healthy, strong, and that our day-to-day activities continually enhance the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges tourism region. 

It is our expectation that our partners also abide by these conditions, and equally, we reserve the right to cease partnering with those who do not abide by them.

Daylesford Macedon Tourism (DMT) will:

Be professional and provide high quality services to our partners and community.

Act with Integrity by being honest, open and transparent in our dealings; use any Government funding effectively and with the best possible outcomes; report improper conduct; avoid any real or apparent conflicts of interest; and strive to earn and sustain public trust.

Be accountable by working to clear objectives in a transparent manner; achieve best use of resources and provide honest and detailed reporting (both publicly and privately as appropriate).

DMT will uphold these standards, and expect the same from our partners:

Respect our colleagues, other public officials and members of the community by treating them fairly and objectively, ensuring freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying. This extends to behaviour and actions that uphold respect for the many cultures, religions, sexual orientation, and beliefs that co-exist in our communities.

Show leadership by implementing, promoting and supporting these values.

Should any partners, service providers, funding bodies or collaborators fail to do this, Daylesford Macedon Tourism reserves the right to cease working with that person or entity, effective immediately.  This could include: the cancellation of partnership, not progressing with or ceasing activities which might include (but not limited to): marketing campaigns, advertisements, projects, communication, and partnerships.

Daylesford Macedon Tourism Ltd

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