At Daylesford Macedon Tourism, we develop regional strategies, and provide input into state and national level plans.

Destination Management Plan

Our primary strategic document, the Destination Management Plan, can be found here.  We consulted widely, and worked with renowned planners, Urban Enterprise, to develop our 2023-2027 Destination Management Plan.  We are grateful to the team at the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions for the support provided, as well as the many community members, tourism operators, and Council staff who took their time to help us develop the plan.

A Product Reference Group, comprised of industry experts from various sectors, across the region, meets regularly to ensure that priority projects are advocated for, and have momentum behind them.

Other regional strategies

Daylesford Macedon Tourism’s 2023/4 Annual Plan

FY23 was a year in which DMT got a lot done and had some great results. 

Food & Drink Event Strategy

Determining a criterion for a food and drink festival that responds to the key objectives of this brief is vital. Festival and events centred around food and drink are as broad and diverse as the category.

State level strategies

We work closely with both Visit Victoria, the State Tourism Office, and the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions. Below, you’ll find key state-level plans.

Experience Victoria 2033

This is the state’s visitor economy strategy, providing a state-wide direction for tourism development and aligns closely with our Destination Management Plan: DOWNLOAD PDF

As we emerged from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Victorian Government produced a plan which guided our recovery.  You can find it here: DOWNLOAD PDF

National Strategies

Tourism Australia is our National Tourism Office.  Their primary remits are to manage ‘brand Australia’ and attract overseas visitors.  Here’s their plan: VISIT WEBSITE