Who we are

the peak industry body for tourism in the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges region
The organisation is governed by a Board which includes industry experts and skills based members. The board is chaired by an independent Chair.

The role of Daylesford Macedon Tourism is to develop a co-ordinated approach to marketing, product development, infrastructure development and industry development for the region.

We are an independent body, operating as a not-for-profit business, where all profits are reinvested back into developing and promoting the region. State and local government are key financial stakeholders in the organisation, providing core funding that underpins the organisation’s operations.

We are your peak body for tourism, and we are here to listen and represent your interests. As a regional tourism board, we are advocates for the region’s tourism sector, engaging with local, state, and federal Governments. We are here to support you, hear your ideas and listen to feedback. Equally we are here to provide advice and be a sounding board to ensure the success of your business.

As the Daylesford & Macedon Ranges region’s tourism board, one of our key responsibilities is keep you informed.  You can subscribe to our emails below to get the latest advice and tourism updates.  Non-partners receive marketing updates from us, and partners receive detailed industry updates from our CEO which cover things like grant opportunities, data, updates on Government policy, regional insights and more. These updates are available to DMT partners.  It costs $249 per year to be a DMT partner and you get a lot of value: find out more about partnership here. We are always here to support anyone involved in the region’s visitor economy so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are here for you.  

"As small business owners, we have limited resources - time, marketing budget, knowledge... Success in small business is reliant on our ability to achieve non-linear gains where output is untethered from input. The alternative is that we work ourselves into the ground for minimal gains. DMR Tourism is in my magic leverage box. By relying on the team at DMR for information, advice, marketing opportunities that I couldn't otherwise afford and support with problem solving, I have been able to significantly grow the business. I know that many business owners in the region feel that the investment is a lot but, in my experience, the gains are worth it. This is leverage working to my advantage. Moreover, they are lovely people with values aligned to my own; this cannot be overestimated."

Catherine Defina,
Shizuka Ryokan