Dear Industry Colleagues,

I’m pleased to share the latest news for extended business support while Greater Melbourne remains locked out of our region. Something we have been advocating for to give some comfort to businesses struggling with ongoing cancellations and a lack of visitors.

The Federal and Victorian Governments have today announced support for businesses through the next six weeks at which point Victoria is expected to reach 80 percent vaccination.

The funding package announced today will support businesses most affected by restrictions as Victoria reaches the 70 percent, then 80 percent fully vaccinated thresholds on the state’s Roadmap to Deliver the National Plan and provides businesses with further certainty that support will continue in line with Victoria’s Roadmap.

Business Coasts Assistance Program Round 5
Businesses will be eligible to receive two fortnightly payments between 1-29 October on a rising scale, ranging from $1,000 to $8,400 per week
Businesses that remain closed or severely restricted between 70 and 80 percent double dose will receive an automatic payment for the period from 29 October to 13 November.

Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund
Eligible cafes, restaurants, hotels, and bars across Victoria will receive automatic Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund payments of between $5,000 and $20,000 per week until the end of October.

Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund payments will continue for the first half of November, set at reduced rates to reflect lower restrictions in place at that stage under Victoria’s Roadmap.

Small Business COVID Hardship Fund
Some $600 million has been added to the Small Business COVID Hardship Fund, as the existing $700 million funding pool has been fully subscribed.  More businesses will now be supported with one-off grants of $20,000.

The Fund supports businesses that have suffered significant losses due to the pandemic, including businesses legally allowed to operate but restricted in their ability to generate revenue, but have previously fallen between the cracks in terms of government support.

Further information can be found at Business Victoria.

I’II be in touch again tomorrow with more updates including some guidance around suggested communications dealing with isolated covid cases in our region and the importance of not preempting outcomes of the vaccinated economy trials.

Until then, stay safe and enjoy the last few days without the stress of homeschooling!

Best wishes from me and the DMT team,

Acting CEO – DMT