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The Daylesford and Macedon Ranges region is very popular for many reasons. One of those reasons is the amazing operators – that’s you. The region is super progressive in our key ‘brand’ areas. We’ve got Australia’s best produce, cutting edge cuisine, young gun wine makers, talented artists and artisans, some very cool accommodation, and those of you in the rejuvenation space are the best of the best.

But of course, we need to promote these amazing products, along with the natural and historical assets that we are so lucky to have. That’s where DMT comes in. We work really hard to support local businesses and drive sustainable visitation. So, we have a suite of innovative cooperative marketing products that we use to entice people to come here through raising the profile of local businesses. It’s an increasingly competitive space so we need both the best product and the best marketing activities.

Without collaboration, communication and cooperation, the challenges we face in tourism are magnified. We look forward to working with you as we support industry and move into stimulating our regional visitor economy.

Steve Wroe, CEO Daylesford Macedon Tourism


Designed for all tourism businesses within the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges, we offer advice and support from a team of specialists. We provide regular industry updates that alert you to a range of opportunities, including government news and funding announcements. We host networking and collaboration events and serve as your direct link to Visit Victoria and their high-powered marketing and public relations efforts. You can also engage in various business development opportunities.
  1. We are the official peak industry body for tourism in the region
  2. We are your direct link to Visit Victoria
  3. Your investment with us is reinvested directly back into tourism within our region
  4. Our marketing initiatives are focused on attracting lifestyle leaders – tapping into our eight key personas who we know love the region
  5. We provide opportunities to our engaged in our growing social media audience through our campaigns
  6. We are experts in marketing, with industry specific knowledge across traditional and digital media
  7. We can connect you with media, providing PR opportunities with leading travel, food and lifestyle outlets
  8. Our partners are kept top of mind for editorial opportunities across our suite of marketing materials and digital campaigns
  9. We are locals who live in the area and know the region
  10. We are your representation within government, yet we remain independent.
Ensure that your business is included in the DMT marketing of our region, sign up and become a partner today. Partnership with us will ensure you can effectively target visitors, and your business can be included in DMT marketing and promotion of the region.

"As small business owners, we have limited resources - time, marketing budget, knowledge... Success in small business is reliant on our ability to achieve non-linear gains where output is untethered from input. The alternative is that we work ourselves into the ground for minimal gains. DMR Tourism is in my magic leverage box. By relying on the team at DMR for information, advice, marketing opportunities that I couldn't otherwise afford and support with problem solving, I have been able to significantly grow the business. I know that many business owners in the region feel that the investment is a lot but, in my experience, the gains are worth it. This is leverage working to my advantage. Moreover, they are lovely people with values aligned to my own; this cannot be overestimated."

Catherine Defina,
Shizuka Ryokan